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Short Guide on Table Tennis

Table tennis is a low-cost sport that is accessible to everyone. Economical Paddle is available for just a few dollars and the game can be played anywhere. It is affordable and a great exercise for the mind without straining the body too much. 

The Table tennis winner is determined by the first player to reach eleven points. Each player serves two sets in succession until the score reaches ten to ten. You can buy Joola Ping Pong Tables at

After the game reaches a score of ten to ten, players take turns serving until someone wins. After the game is finished, players switch sides. 

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In two-player (single-player) games, the table edge and centerline do not matter and the ball is considered "in play" if it is anywhere on the table. If the ball hits the net during a service, it is considered a "left serve", which is a legal move and is not approved by the points record. 

Playing table tennis helps you increase your odds and that's a fact. A 150-pound person can burn up to 250 calories per hour. Because it involves rapid hand-eye coordination, the polar falls less and reflexes improve.

It's also a great mental exercise because it includes strategy (which can also help build confidence in younger players).

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