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Sharp Kitchen Knives – What You Need To Know

When putting together your kitchen utensils, a good set of knives is an essential tool in your cooking arsenal. A good knife set can do things differently for the most important prep work in the kitchen, and what makes a great knife set is a very personal decision. You can also look for the best knife sharpener in Sydney through various websites.

How the knife feels in the hand, balance and grip, length, width and thickness of the blade, and of course the sharpness. It is very important that your knife stays sharp. On the one hand, a sharp knife makes slicing, cutting, and slashing much easier and safer. With a sharp knife, less pressure is required to make the cut and there is less chance of the knife slipping off the food and potentially injuring your fingers, etc.

When buying kitchen utensils, it's better to dig deep and buy quality products if you can afford them. The adage "you get what you pay for" is generally true, and it's better to buy a good quality knife or two than a block full of cheap junk. 

In order to keep the edge of your knife, it is better to handle it with care. Instead of putting them in the dishwasher, wash and dry them by hand, and always use a suitable cutting board to protect the blades and surfaces of the stove or countertop.

Proper storage is also important, and storing knives in blocks or magnetic mounts is better than keeping them in a drawer, especially if they are loose and therefore easily damaged.

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