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Separation Agreements – Making Your Divorce Easier

Separation agreements are legal documents that are written and drafted to memorialize the divorce and marital agreements between a couple before the divorce. If you are looking for a separation agreement in Ontario go to the agreement needs to be signed by a notary public in order to be valid. A separation agreement has to be signed voluntarily and with full understanding and information on the part of each party to be valid.

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A divorce that is contested, or divorce that is not based on an agreement, could be costly in attorney's costs, court costs, and filing costs. A non-contested divorce in which the parties have settled their disagreements through agreement is significantly less costly and time-consuming.

 Separation agreements can cut down the cost of divorce by resolving crucial questions of marital dissolution, including the child custody issue, alimony, visitation as well as child support, and the distribution of property.

A lot of people mistake separation agreements for "legal separation". In general, an agreement to separate is not legally binding. The term "legal separation" is a term applied to the legal status of a married couple. A "separation contract" is essentially a legally binding contract between spouses regarding their agreement regarding the end of their union. 

The majority of states require physical separation of the couple for an official separation. However, some states allow married couples to be in a relationship during the legal separation time.


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