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Publicity Over Internet With SEO Marketing Companies

Search engine optimization professionals are becoming more important as the internet becomes more accessible all around the world.

Search engine optimization marketing companies are responsible to make a website visible in search results from a search engine. It makes the website easier to find by users. This involves editing the website's content and coding it to improve its relevancy.

John Audette first used the term search engine optimization experts, or "search engine optimization", in 1997 on his website Multimedia Marketing Group. SEO marketing companies used algorithms that were based on keyword density to analyze websites.

This was flawed. This factor was controlled by the content providers, and search engines couldn't independently evaluate sites. Complex ranking algorithms were created to allow websites to be independently evaluated from manipulations by the website owners and content developers.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin, both Stanford University graduates, developed an algorithm that relied on inbound links to create the search engine "Backrub".

The algorithm was called "Pagerank". This algorithm had the main advantage that each site was ranked based on the likelihood of the user accessing the webpage and following links from different pages.

In 1998, Page and Brin founded Google. Today, most SEO companies use the Pagerank algorithm. Google's simple design was popular with users and is still a favorite of search engine optimization professionals.

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