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Pool Covers – Ways They Can Save You Time, Money and the Environment

The decision to buy a swimming pool is taken with the idea of providing more opportunities to enjoy time at home spent swimming with family and friends. However while a swimming pool can provide hours of entertainment over the swimming season months, it also calls for continued maintenance and upkeep all year round.

An Automatic Pool Cover can help reduce this maintenance and upkeep both in time and monetary outlay.

File:Poolcover.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

1. A pool cover will save many hours cleaning the pool

Pool covers are very effective at keeping leaves and rubbish from entering the pool, some more so than others. Some types of covers are specifically designed for this purpose, such as the "leaf and debris"cover. These are a weave type of fabric and are made larger than the pool surface so as to overlap the pool around its circumference.

They are fixed at regular intervals around the pool, and even though the fabric is porous, the weave is so fine that it even provides good protection against dust entering the pool.

These covers can be put in place at the end of the swimming season and remain there over the colder months, constantly keeping the pool clean and saving the owner hours of cleaning time.

2. A pool cover can extend the swimming season by warming up the pool

Solar blanket covers are also very good at providing and preserving warmth in the swimming pool. Depending on how much sunshine the pool receives during the day, a solar blanket cover can increase the pool temperature by up to 8 degrees celsius.


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