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PEMF Therapy Beneficial For Treating Ocular Conditions

There are many individuals who are concerned about ocular treatments for conditions such as hyphema, glaucoma, and cornea burns. Most of these conditions require extensive treatment including surgical procedures in order to improve them. There are quite a lot of people who experience these conditions that are concerned about the treatments offered to them by their medical provider and could benefit from pulsed electromagnetic field therapy.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) use electrical energy to focus a series of magnetic pulses that promotes tiny electrical signals to stimulate cellular repair through the injured tissue.

Pulsed electromagnetic fields treatment has proven results to help those with glaucoma. A study on these treatments' effect on hemodynamic of those with latent, initial, and advanced glaucoma consisted of 7-minute treatments per session for a total of ten sessions. More than 283 eyes were observed of more than 150 patients which showed positive results and increased blood flow proving that PEMF eye therapy is effective for those suffering from glaucoma.

In another study of extremely low-frequency PEMF treatment for alkaline burns on corneas showed positive results in healing with therapeutic results. Thus, PEMF eye therapy is a proven, safe, non-invasive, and effective treatment for ocular conditions. Those individuals who want an alternative to conventional treatments have an alternative.

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