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New High-Tech Skylights Let The Energy Savings Shine In

Skylights are a common feature in homes built after 1980. Skylights were a popular feature during the 1980's building boom. It was actually an acrylic dome made of white acrylic that was designed to distribute light evenly throughout the day. This was in contrast to standard flat glass windows. 

Poor installation, poor construction, or the use of single-paned domes made skylights leaky and weep with condensation. It is possible to conclude that similar technology led to condensation and weeping in homes built during this time. This resulted in higher energy costs, more mold and water damage, and improper insulation of attic and wall cavities. For perfect installation of skylights in Sydney call roof windows installers.

Skylights in Your Home

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Today's skylights are quite different from those 30 years ago. The insulation component is another important aspect of skylight replacement. If the ceiling cavity in your home is made of two-by-fours and dust bunnies, even the most modern skylight, it will not be worth having. You will have an unchanged heating/cooling bill, and the room will feel warm in summer and cold in winter. 

Everybody is trying to save money these days. While energy savings are essential in the long term, many renovators are also looking for ways to save money in the short term. A homeowner can do a simple job like replacing a skylight with just a few tools and following the instructions. Spray foam insulation is the same. 

Many online shops sell kits that are easy to use and can be purchased for a fraction of the cost of DIY. Skylights are a great option if you love the idea of daylighting. Skylights will bring natural light into your home and make it attractive to potential buyers.

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