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Increasing Demand For Modified Atmosphere Packaging

The modified atmosphere packaging industry (MAP) is a dynamic and evolving industry that offers opportunities to merge scientific discoveries with growing consumer interest. Therefore, it is an important attribute for the companies involved in MAP to preserve those elements that make modified atmosphere packaging such an important perspective.

Worldwide, modified atmosphere packaging has important applications in the food and beverage industry. The prepared food segment dominates the modified atmosphere packaging technology market and is expected to remain the same in the coming years. Prepared food consisting of the ready-to-eat market will expand in the Asia-Pacific region due to increasing urbanization, increasing people's disposable income, changing lifestyle and increasing population.

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In addition, the growing demand for ready-to-pack meats in regions such as North America and Europe has led to a significant increase in the use of modified atmosphere packaging. This is mainly due to the long shelf life of seafood, poultry and meat products, which can be achieved by modified atmosphere packaging more than any other packaging technology. It's more; It is also consumed in non-food applications such as the pharmaceutical industry for the packaging of medicines.

Quality control plays an important role in MAP's growth

The success of modified atmosphere packaging depends on efficient and reliable quality control processes. Headspace analyzers, in-line quality assurance, leak detection, seal integrity, maintain the accuracy of the gas mixture. Companies involved in MAP packaging must be aware of the fact that quality control and assurance are the vital tools that help to use MAP profitably.


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