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How to certify that your direct mail campaign is on target and budget

For direct marketers, their primary goal is the same as ever: timely, profitable, targeted direct mail production that will deliver results. Here are some reminders on the best way to achieve that goal.

1. Use only the top direct mailing company: – It is very important to ensure the success of your direct marketing campaigns. You need to find a mail house that can provide full direct marketing services to clients, one that can, if necessary, set up and maintain a client database, extract data for mailing lists, and of course adjust all the main elements, including data capture and order fulfillment even from the order customer.

2. Be selective when choosing your direct mail house. You must have a proven track record and a large number of satisfied customers willing to provide excellent references and testimonials. It is probably wise to use a mail house that has been running for several years to ensure stability.

3. Compare the mail house before deciding on a – sometimes repeat customers through mail houses that don't provide them with consistent high-level customer service – source and switching to a new mail company seems like hard work.

4. If you want to keep mailing costs low, you need to know your postal choice; again, any of the direct mail houses will be able to advise you; Royal Mail services can send a letter of over 4000 pieces. 'Mailsort', save up to 25% on shipping costs. Professional direct marketing mail houses will be able to tell you about the latest offers on the market from Royal Mail and many of its competitors.


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