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Gas Masks – A Preemptive Measure For Unprecedented Attacks

Gas masks or in modern terms respirator masks, are an essential part of protecting oneself from biological and chemical attacks happening across the globe. Respirator masks, however, are also majorly used for industrial safety regularly.

Gas respirator kit can prevent the chemicals in paint and all manner of airborne pollutants from affecting your respiratory system and immune system. People who work in the field of agriculture are required quality masks as a measure for high risk.

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Broadly there are three means by which respirator masks purify and filter the air: chemical neutralization, particle filtration, and chemical adsorption or absorption. Particle filtration uses a filter to block substances or organisms that are larger than the pores in the filter.

Once the filter becomes clogged, it must be restored to remain efficient. However, particle filtration masks are not helpful against toxic chemicals and we should take different methodologies to overcome them.

Secondly chemical neutralization works by using a chemical to react with a particular substance, such as chlorine or ammonia, to make it non-toxic. Different filters are available in the market for each type of chemical that needs to be eliminated. Such respirator masks are ideal for industrial applications and the filters are coded by the branch of safety and health department.

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