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Facilities Which Should Be Available In A Conference Room

The conference room is the place where meetings and important business decisions are made. The well-equipped conference rooms in this building are part of a good business organization.

Those who do not have their own conference room look for an offsite conference room that at least meets the minimum requirements for a conference room. You can also look for the best conference room AV service through

Soundproof meeting rooms and executive meeting rooms are often needed by companies. In addition, attention should be paid to seating, room flexibility, audiovisual technology, furniture, high-speed Internet access, and glare-free lighting. The main facilities and their descriptions are detailed:

1. Chairs: Nearly 60% of all meeting areas should be equipped with ergonomically designed armrests. Chairs must be tilted, swivel, and height-adjustable. Minimum width of 18 inches is required.

2. Desk: The table must be at least 24 inches wide with a hard, non-reflective writing surface. There must be a minimum length to accommodate at least 30 inches for each person using the table. Edges should be made of high-pressure laminated material.

3. Lighting: Must be controllable. A standard 50-70 foot-candle is placed on the table. The IACC allows the use of combined models of incandescent and fluorescent lamps. Flash intensity can be measured with a light meter or manually. This is for better readability without shadows or glare on the page.

4. Air conditioning: Seminar rooms built after 1993 must have their own air conditioning according to IACC standards. Like lightning, IACC also maintains air conditioning availability, not accessibility.

5. Wall surface: The conference room wall surface must be suitable for hanging or installing panels. At least one wall of all dedicated conference rooms must be provided with adhesive, fastening, or mechanical fixing tape.

The view in the conference room should not be obstructed. It was enough to dodge the pillars in the conference room to avoid obstruction of sight.

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