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Did You Know That Hormones Can Be The Reason For Your Hair Loss?

If you suffer from hair loss and thinning and nothing has changed regarding your hair care habits and the products you use, there's a really strong likelihood that it's hormones at work. It's a scientifically proven fact that there's a link between hormones and hair loss. To get more information about hair vitamins, you can visit

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Our body has over 200 unique hormones, which regulate everything from hunger, to fluid balance, to libido, to disposition, to its development, and more.  Here is how hormones can lead to hair loss, mostly in women.


Before menopause, the female body generates a little bit of estrogen and testosterone.  After menopause, the amount of estrogen drops, and the amount of testosterone increases consequently. According to specialists, this may lead to the inactivation of follicles and cause hair loss. 


The cells in the pores take a steady supply of oxygen, protein, vitamins, and minerals. Stress can lead to the diversion of blood from skin and muscles to the brain to help fight stress. This causes a drop in the supply of nutrients to the cells. This can influence quality and growth adversely.


Many women experience luxuriant hair growth during pregnancy due to the increase in the concentration of friendly hormones and increased blood flow. After childbirth, since the hormone levels plummet, it could lead to severe hair loss.


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