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Creating An Art Deco Home

Art Deco was born out of the enthusiasm and optimism that characterized post-war America and Europe. This style of decorating brought a new era and gave people a renewed sense of self. This style is distinguished by a mix of jewelry design, fashion, and architecture. It creates an interior display of smooth, defined lines that are lustrous and elegant. How to make Art Deco part of your home's interior.


Art Deco lighting can be constructed using floor lamps, ceiling lamps, or lights as well as table lamps and wall candles. Straight and simple designs are preferred. Art Deco lamps were made from glass and bronze. They were also decorated with flowers and geometrical shapes. You can also purchase the best lamps through Online Lighting.


This style of decoration uses very little color. Black, red with white, white with dark, and green with dark is the most popular color schemes. The emphasis is on chrome and gold, while soft greys and pastel blues add a moderate touch.


Sleek in design. Many furniture designs are modern and comfortable. They have a chrome base which gives them the look of a rocking chair.  


Art Deco floors are made of marble in black and white. This era's floors are known for their chessboard or black and white tiles. 

Art Deco can be a unique and interesting way to decorate your home. However, every piece must come from the same era.

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