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Create An Effective Product Vision To Succeed With Scrum

Under normal circumstances, it is crucial for any team or organization to have a vision. This vision determines strategy, tactics, and everyday work. A clear and effective visualization is crucial when it comes to the scrum method.

Sometimes it happens that a scrum project fails because the team members weren't aware of the ultimate purpose. Therefore, it is essential to develop an effective product vision in order to succeed in a scrum project. You can also find SAFe Training to get scrum certification.

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A key characteristic of a successful product vision is that it is totally user or customer-centric. The team must address issues like:

  • Where's the targeted customer or user?
  • What will the decision to purchase be reached?
  • Who is going to actually purchase the product?
  • What are the closest rivals?
  • What is the thing that makes the product different?
  • What kind of emotional connection does the consumer feel towards the product?

The Vision is Everything

When it comes to forming the vision for a product, everyone in the scrum community must understand and be aware that the vision is the most important and that overrides any other aspect. It is important to understand that this "supremacy" in the definition of vision is applicable to everyone on the team as well as the scrum master, customers, the top management and the owner of the product, etc.

If the vision was made by all the participants in the scrum ecosystem and everyone has a stake with regard to what this vision is about.

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