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Common Causes of Accidents Faced by Earthmoving Workers

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Accidents happen out of nowhere and without a warning. There are many forms of accidents that happen on a daily basis. For example; workers working in the construction of earthmoving industry are always under threat from accidents. Getting hit by objects, falling from a height are some of the examples of accidents that happen at earthmoving or construction sites. Let’s focus on additional causes of accidents that are faced by earthmoving workers.

  1. Moving Materials and Parts – Materials like tubes, ducts, pipes are constantly involved at the worksite. Additional materials like nails and screws also lead to accidents and injuries to the workers. In order to avoid these accidents and injuries, the workers should be wearing masks, glasses, hard hats, boots and additional personal protective equipment.
  2. Simply by Themselves – Not just materials and parts, workers are solely responsible to causing hurt by themselves. For instance; there can be problems if the worker uses wrong technique at the time of reaching, walking or climbing.
  3. Uneven Ground Surfaces – While working on uneven ground surfaces such as escalators and stairs can lead to injuries to the workers. Therefore, the workers need to ensure they always look at the condition of the ground along with signs for oil spills and lying of waste materials.
  4. Use of Heavy Machines – In simpler words, if you see heavy machines being used at the site, stay away. Also, do not disturb the operators as they are constantly under pressure to work in a smooth manner.

You should also be aware of earthmoving equipment in Brisbane along with these causes of accidents.

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