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Buying Property In Spain – The Most Important Facts You Should Know!

There is nothing less stressful than moving your home and moving to another country. However, it is a triple-whammy!

Here is some information and tips for those contemplating or are considering buying apartments or 2 beds plot in Spain.

The legal system

The legal system of Spain in the area of property is peculiar and difficult to grasp. Recently, a number of incidents have been triggered by the lack of understanding or communication of the buyers and other legal entities that are involved in a deal with property.

If you don't do your homework, it could land yourself in the hands of a scammer business or its representative. It's not the place you are looking to visit!

Make sure to hire an attorney, and then find one through recommendations who lives and is employed in Spain. This gives you the highest chance of having one who has the most knowledge of the laws and customs in the Spanish country.

While you might think that lawyers, agents, and developers work in a solitary manner beware! Some are making a lot of money by collaborating with one another. This means you're merely being caught by a fish and the information provided to you will work in the direction of your cooperation. 

Review or purchase an investment property.

Avoid real estate professionals who may make use of common-sense marketing strategies to convince you. Beware of the claim that they're all gone.' You'll need to buy one fast. It's a standard phrase to be used. What would you do if this is true? Don't be worried about this type of sales pitch. 

If you're forced to sell quickly the reason is that something isn't right. Anyone can qualify as a "real estate agent in Spain however, they may not even have the experience to demonstrate that. They could have been working on a commission-based basis for a company that offers timeshares.

It is essential to visit the property you wish to purchase and review every aspect of the construction. Of course, you cannot verify a building in the event that it isn't constructed yet (on the plan) however, you can visit the website and look at the area you plan to construct it on. 

Don't rely solely on illustrations of architectural designs and images that appear in glossy brochures. These are typically intended to lure buyers into making a purchase without looking over all the important details of a purchase.

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