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Buy Test And Measurement Devices

Eliminate power quality assumptions from analytical equipment

Power quality analyzers help predict, find and troubleshoot three-phase and single-phase power distribution circuits. The latest models of power analyzers are equipped with an on-screen display that shows trends and events, although the current trends are still monitored in the background.

You can also test the complete SpO2 system, including the sensor, extension cable with the OxSim® Optical SpO2 Pulse Oximeter Simulator.

One of the best analyzers on the market is the three-phase Fluke 434 and 435. It is designed to the new IEC standards for harmonic oscillation and power quality.

Some of the key features of the Fluke 434/435 model are

• Real-time troubleshooting while recording in the background

• Safety class is the highest in the industry

• Waveform data for all phases are obtained at the same time

• Four current probes can measure neutral and three phase

• Automatic recording of measurements for later analysis

• Easy to do with diagnosing the circuit breaker trip

• Long battery life and three year warranty

Power quality analyzers are very useful in

• Identification, energy assessment, and analysis before and after repairs justify the costs.

• Check electrical system capacity before adding additional loads

• Identification of recurring problems

• Check the quality of the input power

• Proactive support by identifying and preventing potential problems

Voltage data logger

Estimation of the mains voltage and asymmetric loads in a single-phase circuit / system can easily be done with the voltage data logger.  Also, you can buy biomedical test equipments at Pronk Technologies.

One of the well-known brands is the HT XL 423 data logger, which measures and records the TRMS (True Mean Square) value of an alternating voltage up to 600 V. The main features of the data logger for HT voltage are

• Portable and rugged construction

• Voltage gauge cable with crocodile holder

• Advanced memory management

• Monitor the electrical system over a long period of time

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