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Benefits of Using Explainer Videos

A unique video can explain what your company does, what you offer, and what you produce, all within 2 or 3 minutes, in the most simple way possible. This increases the likelihood that the consumer will buy your product. Sometimes this is called a motion graphic video. You can find companies that specialize in building best explainer videos via

You need to choose one depending on your budget and the needs of your company. Explainer videos are used by many people, not just companies with websites. They are used in Kickstarter campaigns, meetings, blogs, book trailers. Inspirational speakers often use it as a kind of fast, powerful PowerPoint presentation.

Non-profit organizations use them, too. Anyone who has an idea that they want people to remember it use explainer video as a great tool. It's easy to remember the ideas from these videos because they are quick, smart, and cleverly animated.

This video works because people are used to watching online media content; in fact, 100 million people watch online videos every day. 80% of people who said they visited a website and watched the entire explainer video said they remembered 90% of the content of the site. Video is now ranking highest in results of search engines.

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