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Benefits Of Text Messaging Services For Business

It is very important for organizations and businesses to choose the most effective way to communicate to get things the way that is most effective. Today we are overwhelmed with SMS from all the different forms of communication, including email, messaging applications, story-marketing, social media, and much more. 

The benefits of text messaging service for businesses are difficult to ignore, and many organizations and companies elect this simple and effective way to connect. You can talk to an expert to take advice from companies like Textellent for more information.

Get a text message reading:

The average open rates for email float in the range of 15-22% and an email is more likely to hit the junk folder before anyone ever even catches it. On the other hand, the open rate for text messages via email is about 98% and most-read within 15 minutes of their receipt.

An SMS is immediate:

According to research, it takes about 90 minutes for the average person to reply to emails. But it takes about 90 seconds for the average person to reply to an SMS. If what you're willing to communicate is time-sensitive, so you want to be sure your audience gets the message.

Text messages are personal and everywhere:

91% of all Indians have their mobile device within reach 24/7. More than two out of five even sleep with your mobile phone. Plus, almost all mobile phones today are message-enabled, which obviously means that most people can receive text messages.

Text messaging does not require an Internet connection:

You do not need to rely on your Wi-Fi signal or 3G. Text messaging service for businesses recommended because it does not require internet access. Even if you are out of range, you can still receive a text which is a winning situation for business.

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