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Bed Bugs Treatment and Get Them Out of Your House

There are do it yourself approach to treat bed bugs. These are as follows:

1. Steam –

A steamer will kill the bed bugs and the eggs. If you buy a bed bug kit it will usually come with one for this purpose. Eggs are usually found on fabric or cardboard surfaces. Check everywhere including picture frames, box spring and even inside smoke detectors.

If this doesn't work, call a professional that specializes in how to treat bed bugs. They know where to look and can help you with a full bed bug treatment program. Whether you do it yourself or call an exterminator, you may need more than one treatment to get them all.

Bed Bug Steamer

2. The use of Bed Bug Spray and Dust

Buy non-toxic bed bug spray. Spray around the seams of the bed, and in every cranny where you think the bugs are hiding. Once the mattress has dried, seal it with a zippered cover that specifically states it was made for a bed bug problem.

Sprays will kill bugs on contact. However, the eggs were hard to find and remove because they are fixed with a cement-like substance. By sprinkling dust, when the young bed bug nymphs are born, the dust should kill them.

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