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All About Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder

In a double acting hydraulic cylinder, the two opposite facing piston surfaces control the operation of hydraulic liquid. It is a hydraulic liquid that converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy so it facilitates piston movements that generally have active connections, allowing active movements in both directions. 

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(Also Known as “ กระบอกสูบไฮดรอลิกแบบคู่คลิกที่นี่ “ in the Thai Language).

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The force is applied in both directions and the structure of the double acting hydraulic cylinder is simple.This category of cylinder, has linear movement, is ideal for use in chippers and presses for the purpose of opening and closing drawers and for various types of increases and lowering devices. 

The piston tends to move faster with a smaller and slower surface with a larger surface. Double hydraulic acting cylinders are used for various construction machinery and can be segmented into two categories one is differential hydraulic cylinder and second one is synchronous hydraulic cylinder.